Low Cabinet

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The Low sideboard series is based on the 'Modulor' proportions system developed by Le Corbusier. The proportions are a deliberate attempt to replace the rigidity of symmetry with an assymetrical arrangment. The heights of the sideoard are such as to allow an infinte number of possible combinations. The untis have a wide range of household applications. Available are a choice of European beech, maple and oak, American cherry and walnut woods. The solid wood is impregnated with pure natural oils and waxes. These are applied by hand to the finely sanded surface and then polished to a tactile satin finish. The beeswax treatment protects the wood whilst allowing it to breathe. Available in three lengths and four heights with steel legs or wooden base. Dimensions: W 120 - 228 x H 57 x D 48 cm.

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