Orbit mirror

Rodney Kinsman | OMK 1965

The Orbit mirror was designed in 1981 and is composed of a large main mirror and a smaller orbiting vanity mirror. Rotating through 180 degrees on a swing arm, the vanity mirror provides both regular and magnifying surfaces. Refined yet robust, the mirror is suited to the home and commercially to hotels.

The steel tubular frame is available powder coated black or white, or in an electrostatic chrome or bronze finish.

W 860 x D 70 x H 550 mm

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Founded in 1965 by celebrated British designer Rodney Kinsman, OMK designed and manufactured much of the furniture sold through Terence Conran’s Habitat stores in the 60’s and 70’s. The OMK 1965 furniture collection combines these iconic 20th century products with new designs, marking a return to the retail and contract markets in 2017. 

This product is available at trade terms - please contact the SCP Contracts team on 020 7749 7399 contracts@scp.co.uk for further information.