Peggy Workbench

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Peggy is a table system created for the modern workplace or home. Appropriate for working, meeting, eating or socialising. It is a reassuringly durable design, made in solid wood using advanced manufacturing techniques.

The workbench is the ideal piece for multi-use spaces, where it can work effectively as a workstation, canteen table, meeting or boardroom table, or as the central hub of a modern workplace. Deeper than other versions, it is available in standard and bespoke sizes.

  • D 1500 mm x L 3200 | 4800 | 6200 mm x H 720 mm

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    A well proportioned design in all its different versions, Peggy has a refined aesthetic, created by the subtle rotation of the oval leg and the elliptical support arm. A sense of visual poise is achieved by the consistent 45-degree angle of the leg to the tabletop corner.

  • D 1500 mm x L 3200 | 4800 | 6200 mm x H 720 mm

    Power, Data & Cable Management 

    Tabletop options
    - Brushed stainless steel 80mm diameter round grommet
    - Standard size cut out with lid
    - Bespoke size cut out with lid
    - Bespoke size hinged access flap

    Cable tray options
    - Standard size metal cable tray in matt black
    - Standard size metal cable tray with power and data module in matt black


    The table base and frame is made from solid ash. The standard tabletops are 25mm thick, finished in Abet 410 snow white laminate, with solid ash lipping. Other coloured laminate, wood veneers and linoleum finishes are available. Stained table edges and bases can also be specified.

    This product is available at trade terms - please contact the SCP Contracts team on 020 7749 7399 for further information.