Pipeline linear pendant light

Caine Heintzman | ANDlight

The Pipeline 40 and 125 are linear LED lights which may be suspended horizontally or at angles. Joined together they create an elongated pendant of understated elegance. The Pipeline series of modular components can be configured and hung in almost endless arrangements, making it ideal for challenging lighting applications and larger scale installations.

Made from aluminium and acrylic, and available in a range of metal finishes, formations and with custom drop lengths.

Pipeline 40: W 420   H 75   D 50 mm 
Pipeline 125: W 1250   H 75   D 50 mm

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ANDlight is a lighting company based in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2013 by Caine Heintzman, Matt Davis, and Lukas Peet, the brand is informed by each founding member's unique experience of design, lighting and business. Combining environmentally conscious design with innovative production methods, ANDlight create forward thinking and functional lighting fixtures.


This product is available at trade terms - please contact the SCP Contracts team on 020 7749 7399 contracts@scp.co.uk for further information.