Shimmer tables

Patricia Urquiola | Glas Italia

Patricia Urquiola has designed the ethereal shimmer series for Glas Italia. The side tables transform when exposed to different light sources or viewed from different angles. The hues and tones are refracted, giving the impression of transparency and density, depending on how the furniture is viewed.

Constructed from laminated glass attached at intersecting planes, the shimmer achieves reflectivity and luminosity through the blended, diluted silvering mix finish with bi-chromatic geometric particles. The combination creates a translucent finish achieving brilliant reflections and a spectrum of refracted light.

  • Dia 52   H 45 cm 
  • Dia 65   H 50 cm 

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Glas Italia produce exquisite glass furniture and homewares in the town of Macherino, near Milan. Each piece is handcrafted by Italian master glassmakers, following designs by some of the world’s most talented designers.

This product is available at trade terms - please contact the SCP Contracts team on 020 7749 7399 for further information.