Wall Noon

El Schmid | Zeitraum

The Noon range of lamps are inspired by natural branch forms. It is rigidly constructed and the glassine lampshades give a soft light; the shades have a diffuser that helps avoid glare. The browned iron is soft and warm due to the dark patina and the transparent lacquered finish; it is impregnated with light machine oil during the production and then sealed with a special wax to protect it from corrosion. Available in white glassine, red and black lacquer finish. The High Noon Read is height adjustable and has a dimmer to control light. The intrinsic value of the lamps is a product of material and hand-crafted details. All lamps are earthed to avoid electromagnetic pollution.

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This product is available at trade terms - please contact the SCP Contracts team on 020 7749 7399 contracts@scp.co.uk for further information.