SCP is a manufacturer and wholesaler of modern design products.

SCP was founded in 1985 by Sheridan Coakley, an entrepreneur who has gained a reputation as a pioneer and advocate of modern design in Britain. Three decades on, SCP remains true to its founding idea, to make and sell design products that are beautiful, functional and made to last.

Our Wholesale and Trades Manager, Halima Mason, works with international retailers to deliver SCP’s Own Brand products. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer please contact her on

New Collection

SCP presented a new collection that explores the language of sitting through new chair, sofa and table designs. Featuring a selection of pieces that acknowledge the changing domestic and work landscape of modern times, made in materials that are natural, sustainable and liveable.

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We have been making upholstery in Norfolk since 1991. We understood then that there was a fundamental problem with most modern upholstery designs, which was the extensive use of petrochemical produced foams within them, so we began an initiative to find alternative sustainable materials and improve our environmental policy.

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SCP Designers

Every year, SCP develops new designs and exhibits them internationally. We continue to develop new designs with our existing family of designers, as well as seek emerging talent.

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We work with 33 stockists in 12  different countries, including Heal’s in London, Silvera in Paris and The Future Perfect in New York and Los Angeles.

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