Kentish Town Health Centre

Kentish Town, London

Kentish Town Health Centre (KTHC) is a new health building in central London that is home to a large GP practice and a wide range of other health facilities. The KTHC had become a new standard bearer for the NHS. The partnership of a local design champion, architects and Camden & Islington Community Solutions saw a truly joined-up approach to this project. The result is a building where design has help to create truly integrated services, a coherent and useable space and something of beauty. Ideas of transparency, innovation and connectivity were embraced by the whole team, who by working collaboratively have managed to create a building that expresses a new, holistic approach to healthcare.
Architects AHMM delivered simple three-storey building in the modernist style, which is both of the right scale and is sensitive to the aesthetic of adjacent buildings and local streets. The building may follow an almost formal logic, but the internal spaces are where the innovation and sense of connectivity are really created. KTHC features a 5m wide “internalised street” that runs the full length of the building, it leads to a triple-height central waiting area that is full of light, a sense of space and bold colours. The inclusion of a cafe and access to a garden space from this point create focus and a sense of enjoyment in the surroundings. KTHC is a building that is a pleasure to both visit and work in, whilst satisfying the requirements of a modern, forward-thinking and bold NHS.
AHMM worked with Studio Myerscough on the interior design of KTHC. The designers came to SCP Contracts with a brief to specify both reception seating and cafe chairs and tables. In this instance the solution was found by blending two Terence Woodgate designed SCP products with the classic Eames DAX Plastic Armchair. For the reception seating, AHMM and Studio Myerscough specified the Slow seating system which had previously been developed for the Barbican Arts Centre, whilst choosing the 234 Table system for the cafe. This is a dynamic table system, available in various sizes and finishes fit for purpose. The bold use of colour, a signature of Studio Myerscough was added by specifying the Eames DAX Plastic Armchair in a number of complimentary colours.
Slow sofa system by Terence Woodage (SCP)
234 Table by Terence Woodgate (SCP)
Eames Plastic Armchair DAX by Charles & Ray Eames (Vitra)
Air armchair by Jasper Morrison (Magis)